Thank you for visiting web site FLORES.LT  By using this web site, you will learn and find assortment of ornamental herbaceous plants for green plantations of Lithuania.

Ornamental herbaceous plant assortment is the list of flowers most suitable to grow in a specific place.

The assortment is composed of plants, which have specific ornamental peculiarities, are native or imported, and then domesticated.

The assortment presented in this web site, was combined by Jonas Vaidelys during more that 30 years of researches on flower bio ecological, ornamental peculiarities and fluctuation of parterres in Lithuania. The researches were carried out in Kaunas Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University and Kaunas College.
The earliest assortments of Lithuanian of ornamental herbaceous plants were combined according to their bio ecological flower groups or such peculiarities as flower height and blossom color.

This assortment is combined according to the sequence of growing place, bio ecological group, plant height, blooming time, blossom color evaluation etc.
There are main and supplementary assortments of ornamental herbaceous plants
It is the first time in Lithuania, when ornamental herbaceous plants are presented in educative webpage. There are 764 ornamental herbaceous plants with pictures in FLORES.LT.

This educative webpage is created for students and companies, which are designing green plantations using ornamental herbaceous plants.