Raudonoji lelija – Lilium bulbiferum

Raudonoji lelija

Lithuanian plant nameRaudonoji lelija
Latin plant nameLilium bulbiferum L.
English plant nameCommon White Lily
  • Clump, beds (mixborder)
  • Groups
  • Rockery, retaining walls
  • Cemetery
  • Wild plant parterre
  • Solitaire
  • average wet soils
  • dry soils
  • Heliophilous
  • Half heliophobic
Spacing, cmFrom 15 to 20
  • middle height – 41- 60 cm
Habitusflower with expressive habitus, for design as accent
Leaf color
  • green
Blossom color
  • red, red tints
Blooming time
  • spring - April Second Decade - June First Decade
Blooming period1 month
General ornamentalityaverage decorative
Ornamentality duration, months4
Grouplogn-lived perennial (grown 7 and more years)
Bioecological groupBulbous and corm
Propagation methods: seeds, vegetative propagation. The flower is propagated by seeds. Not all species of Lilies‘give parent characteristics for seedlings. Seeds should be sown after picking up and do not need stratification. Seeds are sown in seedbeds in Autumn and in boxes in February. Seeds sown in boxes are covered with a thin layer (about 1 cm) of sand and placed in a dark room at 22 - 24°C temperature. Seeds germinate within 2 weeks, sometimes later. A viability percentage of seeds is about 50%. Temperature should be minimized to 15-18°C when seedlings appear. Seedlings should get 12 hours a lightening. Seedlings should be fertilized after 10-15 days. Seedlings are replanted in Spring (May) when 2-3 true leaves appear. Seedlings are planted at 4x5 cm distance and watered. Seedlings are covered with peat layer (5-6 cm) before winter. The flower begins blooming in 3-4 years (during the first year L. formosanum blooms, in the second year L. regale begins blooming). In order to have parent characteristics a flower should be propagated by vegetative methods. It could be propagated by daughter bulbs every 3-4 years. Every plant grows 4-6 daughter bulbs. Bulbs are planted in early Autumn or Spring. Daughter bulbs are planted at 5 cm depth in beds. L. bulbiferum, L. tigrinum, L. Sargentiae, hybrids are propagated by stem bulbils, which appears after blooming (L. candidum). Matured bulbils are planted in soil in Autumn. Bulbils should be planted at 2-3 cm depth in rows (distance 20-25 cm), and the space between bulbils should be 5-6 cm. The flower begins blooming in 3 years. L. bulbiferum and Lilium regale could be propagated by stems. Stem is covered by 15 cm layer of sand in horizontal position at depth in soil. Stem bulbils appears in 10 days. Propagated by leaves (which are taken from top of stem) before blooming. Leaves are planted by half in soil. Bulbs appear in 1-2 moths, they should be replanted in boxes.